Air Cargo is...

What is the Air Cargo

There is an increasing interest in the logistics sector and its sub-branches today. Both the individual modes of transport as well as the large changes in auxiliary areas such as customs clearance and storage are the most beautiful indicators of this. Even when traditional trading methods are no longer behind, tradable products are now more important by importers or exporters. Some of our importers, even when we say your property; Even if you don't say goods to me, we get interesting reactions, which is a good indication of how the situation has changed.


In the name of our sector, where the impact of this change wind is experienced most, r Air Transport usu. People pay a great deal of attention to the high quality of a service. And this is the fact that we need to be more careful. The fact that this transportation mode we use during the transportation of the products, which we call lightweight and heavy, is also a high cost. Let's examine the Airline Transportation which we have to plan by taking these and similar variables into consideration.


Air Freight Forwarding


I mentioned this in one of my previous articles, but let's examine it a little more in depth. In general, 8% of the International Trade is carried on the airway used in the transport of cargo and documents. So what are the products that are the subject of this octagonal trilogy and say that; We can list investment and high technology products, car and chemical parts, machine parts, products with heat sensitivity as raw materials with high value. The most important reason for the sector is the sector, which has a growth rate of 5% every year. Speed, safety and profit.


At first glance, Air Transportation seems to be more used for passenger transportation, but a small portion of passenger flights can be profitable. Nowadays, the importance of cargo transportation is increasing because of the increasing number of airline companies and the increasing competition among passengers. Cargo companies and agencies that are aware of this awareness are aware of the need to offer the best service quickly and on time.


When examining the air transport sector, it is necessary to know the elements it contains. Generally speaking, companies operating in airports, airport operators, ground handling companies, cargo agencies and international organizations such as IATA and ICAO, as well as State Airports Authority (DHMİ) in our country can be counted. The fact that these elements work in a well-integrated manner with each other increases the importance of this sector in a timely and fast way to serve people.


It takes about a month for a merchandise from China and other Asian countries where our trade is intense to take by sea. This speed factor increases the importance of providing a flexible service when it comes to increasing costs. Although almost half of the air cargo transportation in our country is being carried out by THY, many international companies (16 airline companies) are already in the market. with all that air transport companies operating in Turkey in Europe 8 and # 22 in the world.


Safety in another important issue. Even the smallest of the smallest airplanes in the world, even the smallest errors can cause a great loss. Periodic maintenance of aircraft The modernization of airports means a separate line at this point. And on a global scale, the Air Transport industry has a large quantity.


Aircraft Problems


The nice things and figures I described above may sound pleasant at first, but there is also the other side of the coin. We are talking about a sector with an average growth of 5% per year; to grow; investment. Investing in such a way as to meet this increasing demand is a priority. For example, approximately 900 tons of cargo is handled annually at Atatürk Airport. Although this rate increases every year, if the capacity is not increased, both the quality and the quality of the service are reduced. Here's one of the biggest problems.


We mentioned that speed is very important. Sometimes it takes more than 6 hours to load, however, the customs operations may take longer than the transport time. On the other hand, these problems are caused by the delay of customs procedures. To make the necessary investments for IT investments and to reduce waiting time at airports