Highway transportation is...

What is the Highway transportation

It is a transport system that enables safe, quick, robust, economical and efficient movement of cargoes. It is a transport mode that has some advantages because it is faster than other types of transport and is relatively inexpensive, especially in short-haul transports, since it allows for a direct transport between the starting and destination points. Road transport, one of the oldest forms of transportation in history, has maintained its stability over the years. During the history of humanity, rail transport, air transport or maritime transport, such as before the emergence of the existing road transport will be 50 years later. Of course, other modes of transport will be ahead of the highway. Because, in terms of cost and security, rail, sea and air transport are at the forefront.             We know of the importance of freight animals in road transport 500 years ago when there were no motor vehicles. However, after the emergence of motor vehicles, the situation became different. Both faster results were achieved and more secure progress was achieved.


Importance of Road Transport


Nowadays, it is the most preferred road transportation in the field of transportation because road transport is reliable, it is widely used and it can carry more cargo. All types of transportation from a house to a factory are carried by road transport. Road transport is the most common form of transport in this sector, which is more attractive than the price and the need for the price.


This type of transportation, which is very flexible, is the reason why loading and unloading can be done easily, scheduled loading can be done frequently, door to door service and short delivery times are preferred. They are easily affected by bad weather conditions and they are negatively affected by traffic and environmental factors.


Road transport competes with aircrafts in small cargoes and sea and rail in larger cargoes. However, being flexible and versatile is an important advantage. In other words, the transport can be made to the door-to-door without the need for other transport systems.