NAS Trading and Logistics LLC

Our Mission

"Quality is hidden in the right choice."
Our mission is to produce logistic solutions that will respond to the demands of customers instantly and quickly with all agencies and partners worldwide. To repeat, quality is hidden in the right choice.

Our Vision

"The world has shrunk too much"
Our vision is to dynamically increase our portfolio, country and partner diversity in globalized and continuously developing logistics sector by keeping pace with the globalization.

Our Values

"Sincerity is key to success."
  • Customer happiness
  • Dynamism
  • Teamwork
  • Importance of employee development and training
  • Entrepreneurship

Our Services

Ground Transport

It is a transportation system which enables the safe, fast, robust, economical and efficient movement of loads. It is a transport mode that has some advantages because it is faster than other types of transport and is relatively inexpensive, especially in short-haul transports, since it allows for a direct transport between the starting and destination points.

Maritime Transport

The most preferred mode for transport at affordable costs and long distances is maritime transport. In the general sense, we can help you to arrange all types of Maritime transport needs in order to decrease your costs and support your supply chain.

Air Cargo

Your time sensitive logistics needs can be covered via Air cargo solutions which offers fast alternative to Sea freight. This shipping method is particularly useful for cargoes that are time sensitive and under 1 tons. NAS Trading and Logistics is happy to offer air transport all over the world depending on your needs.

Rail Transport

International railway transportation is a type of transportation that provides service to the companies without any high costs at the point of transportation of heavy and bulky cargoes. The speed capacities of the vehicles used in the type of railway transportation are parallel to the type and nature of the given transportation service.


Quality Services at NAS Trading and Logistics :

  • Highway transportation
  • Maritime transportation
  • Airline transportation
  • Railway transportation

Logistics - it can be defined as a means to ensure that resources such as products, services and people are provided where and when they are needed. It is very difficult to achieve any marketing or production organization without logistical support. Logistics - This standard specifies the combination of transport, inventory, storage, material management and packaging information. Logistics business responsibility is the geographic positioning of the raw material, the operation of the process and the completion of the work by meeting the needs with the lowest possible cost.

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