Railway Transportation is...

What is the Railway Transportation

Rail transportation solutions bring many advantages to companies in terms of cost and timing. nastradeeurop, someone from the few that offers effective rail freight logistics company in Turkey ... rail with expert staff offers all customers the benefits of transport.             nastradeEurope develops closed, open and special type carriage solutions on European and Asian railway lines with its authorized agencies and agreements, and carries out special project transports to its customers.

                  International railway transport is a type of transport that provides services to companies without heavy costs at the point of transportation of heavy and bulky cargoes.

In our country, the most important transportation model of the developed western world is the nastradeEurope is also the leading rail transport company and offers nautical transportation services.

Railway transportation , being reliable, minimizing the risk of human dependence and therefore error, creating competitive costs, advantages over the route and an environmentally friendly solution

The speed capacities of the vehicles used in the type of railways transport are parallel to the type and nature of the type of transport service provided.

The transportation of agricultural and forestry products to the buyer centers, such as coal and iron, is generally carried out by rail transport. Rail transport is both environmentally friendly and serious for long-distance transport needs It has the benefit of reducing the densities from other types of transport (for example, traffic on highways) due to its availability to mass transport.

Railways are more convenient to transport all loads, not just specific loads, given the situation in which roadways fall into bad weather conditions.

International Railway Transportation Offers Some Advantages According to Other Types of Transportation


In light of all, the Airline sector is already a big area to solve the problems that may arise while maintaining its growth with the latest technological developments. Just let the investments continue. We must not forget; If the space provided when the cargo sector grows, we may face major problems in the future.